EBV product overview

Based on proprietary know-how and specific reagent sets, Cyto-Barr BV has developed a number of specific tools and assay concepts for improved diagnosis of EBV in various clinical syndromes.

Serologygraph 44

Using specific EBV-reagent combinations for:    

  • IM-diagnosis/-staging
  • Accurate EBV carrier status definition
  • CAEBV diagnosis/-monitoring
  • NPC-screening/diagnosis/prognosis
  • Vaccination monitoring
  • EBV-immune status determination:
    • IgM/IgG/IgA response to VCA, EA and EBNA
    • Immunoblot profiling.


By means of a panel of Moab’s/Poab’s for in situ antigen staining for:

  • Latency I-III definition
  • Lytic gene expression

ebv-products-dnaDNA monitoring

By means of a competitive QT-PCR protocol

targetting a conserved region of the EBNA1 gene for:

  • Monitoring EBV-DNA load in high risk patients
  • Transplant recipients
  • AIDS-patients and HIV-carriers
  • Cancer patients
  • Immunodeficiencies
  • Monitoring EBV activity in CAEBV

RNA profiling

By means of EBER-RISH, (RT-)PCR or NASBA testing for:

  • Demonstration of EBV presence in situ
  • Latency I-III definition in biopsy specimens