What is Cyto-Barr BV?

Cyto-Barr BV is a biotech company located in the Netherlands, with a strong focus on the development of molecular know-how, reagents and innovative concepts for the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic viral diseases and virus-associated cancers.

laboratory-diagnosticsLaboratory-Diagnostics Activities

Cyto-Barr's business activities are supported by years of research experience on the molecular mechanisms underlying the pathogenesis of virus-associated (malignant) diseases and the host's immune defense.
This scientific experience allowed us to design and produce highly defined reagents and technologies with a strong focus on innovative diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

Main focus

Cyto-Barr's in-house expertise focuses to the field of human Herpesviruses, i.e. HCMV (human Cytomegalovirus), EBV (Epstein-Barr virus) and HHV8 (Human Herpesvirus 8), as well as human Parvovirus B19 and Hepatitis A virus.

Our main activities are licensing-out, assisting in product development and research-projects for third parties. Our product line consists of proprietory know-how, defined sets of unique and well characterized reagents (antigen and antibodies) and innovative assay formats for research applications and commercial product development.

Cyto-Barr BV offers the following commercial activities:

Proprietary know-how for rapid and reliable development of diagnostic assays in the field of EBV, CMV, HHV8, HAV and Parvo-B19
Supply of defined proprietary and generic antigen and antibody reagents
Contract research in the field of molecular pathogenesis of human virus-associated disease, reagent development, assay design and clinical evaluation studies
Manufacturing and distribution of reagents for research applications and diagnostic product development
For detailed information please contact us directly (mailto: info@cyto-barr.com) or, alternatively, browse through our website for some specific applications.