Strategy Cyto-Barr company

Our strategy is to function as center of excellence regarding diagnostics and treatment of diseases, specifically relating to Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) or Cytomegalovirus (CMV). We strive to initiate and support partnerships in routine diagnostics, POCT and treatment of acute and chronic viral diseases and virus-associated cancers.
In routine diagnostics of EBV we have already established a worldwide leading position with more than 40 partnerships with major companies.


We provide our partners with detailed information of molecular mechanisms underlying acute and chronic (malignant) diseases associated with EBV or CMV infections. Our basis lies in the development of assay concepts and in maintaining a unique set of reagents and technologies. Furthermore, we have in-house research activities for development support, test validation and reagent development.

Reagents from Cyto-Barr are used worldwide for research and development. We have in-house research activities and ownership of a collection of reagents and markers.

We will grant licenses to our patented technologies, we can assist in innovative solutions and we can provide our partners with reagents and markers.